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Bible verses on Darkness

Darkness is associated with death and not being a Christian. It is associated with the devil and following the devil. It is associated with deceit, lying, dishonesty, and the things which are not right in the eyes of God. 

Mt 16:23 & Lk 11:34. An evil eye-whole body full of darkness 

Mt 6:23 Cannot serve 2 masters-God and money or anything else-darkness. If the light in you is really darkness, how 

Mt 6:23 great is that darkness. Some believe they are in the light but they are really in darkness 

Lk 11:35 Take heed that the light in you be not darkness. 

Lk 15:8 Can you sweep the house in darkness? 

Lk 16:8 The children of darkness are in “their” generation-wiser that the children of light 

Jn 1:5 The darkness cannot understand the light. 

Jn 1:10 The darkness of the world knows not that Jesus made the world. 

Jn 1:10 Darkness does know Jesus. 

Jn 3:19 Men love darkness rather than light because what they do is evil. We may say their thoughts are evil because what a man does follows their thoughts. 

Jn 3:20 All that practice evil hates the light 
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