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There were many "Herods" and some are spoken of in the New Testament, which can be confusing. The name “Herod” is mentioned 40 times in the New Testament.

   It began with Herod the Great, which is also Herod the King–ref Mt 2:1, Lk 1:5. It is said that he ruled from about 37 BC to about 4 BC. This is the same Herod that reigned before John Baptist was born. It is this same Herod that the wise men came to, and later had the children in Bethlehem and the coasts thereof killed. He died-ref Mt 2:19.

From Herod the Great came:
(When Herod the King died his kingdom was divided into 3 parts.)
Herod Archelaus ruled Judea, Samaria, and Idumea.
Herod Philip II ruled north of Galilee–Ituraea & Trachonitis (Lk 3:1).
Herod Antipas ruled Galilee & Perea (Lk 3:1).
   Herod Aristobulus

Herod the King
(Herod Agrippa #1)
Persecuted the
church-Acts 12:1.
Eaten of worms-
Acts 12:23.

   Herod Philip
brother of Herod
Antipas-Mk 6:17.
   Herod Antipas
(the Tetrarch–Mt 14:1)
(of Galilee–Lk 3:1,19
Perea).Jesus called him
the fox. Had John
beheaded–Mt 14:10
Mocked Jesus–Lk 23:11.
  Herod Archelaus
Son of Herod the King.
Ruled in the place of
Herod the King in Judea
Mt 2:22. Ruled Judea,
Samaria & Idumea-Lk 3:1.
Reported Rome replaced
him with Pontius Pilate.


  Herod Philip II
(Tetrarch Ituraea and
Trachonitis–Lk 3:1).
Lysanias–Lk 3:1
Tetrarch Abilene 
   There are other Herods also. 
There have been some minor disagreements about the exact
 lineage of some of them.
   As one reads the breakdown of each verse, 

there are many places where a commentary follows.
 These add more meaning to the subject of a verse. 
You may choose to skip the commentaries 
and just read the scriptures and their breakdown.
 In doing so, the flow of the verses might be better, 
but knowledge of some subjects would be lost.
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