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An outline of the Book of Zechariah

An outline of the Book of Zechariah

Hebrew Name - Zekar-yah "Yahweh is Remembered"
Greek Name - Zacharias (Greek form of the Hebrew)
Author - Zechariah (According to Tradition)
Date - 520 BC Approximately
Theme - The First and Secong Coming of Messiah
Types and Shadows - In Zechariah Jesus is the Humble King


Zechariah, like Haggai and Malachi, was a prophet of the Persian period. He prophesied to the Jews who had returned from exile around 520 BC when the Persian Empire was ruling the world. Each of these prophets encouraged the Jews to continue the work of God and rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem. The prophet Zechariah begins his message reminding the Jews that the captivity had been a result of their own disobedience, and God rebuked their fathers as well. Zechariah received a series of visions in which God revealed his plan for the history and future of the world, showing that he is ultimately in control and he will fulfill the promises that were made to their fathers and to Abraham. The city of Jerusalem is seen as a city so wonderful and prosperous that it needed to be enlarged in order to contain all the people (Zechariah 2). In the vision of Joshua the high priest Zechariah saw him in filthy rags, which was no doubt the nation of Israel repenting and receiving their Messiah and being cleansed of their sins (Zechariah 3). Other visions reveal the coming judgment of God, and his victory over sin, and everything is about the Messiah and his coming. Zechariah prophesied about the nations that oppressed Israel, there be a time of destruction and later they would come to worship the Lord in Jerusalem. The prophet Zechariah spoke more about the Messiah than any of the prophets, except the prophet Isaiah. There is one fabulous prophecies of Zechariah reveals about the Messiah's death:


 1:1-1:6     Israel Urged to Repent
 1:7-1:17    First Vision: The Horsemen
 1:18-1:21   Second Vision: The Horns and the Smiths

 2:1-2:5     Third Vision: The Man with a Measuring Line
 2:6-2:13    Interlude: An Appeal to the Exiles

 3:1-3:10    Fourth Vision: Joshua and Satan

 4:1-4:13    Fifth Vision: The Lampstand and Olive Trees

 5:1-5:4     Sixth Vision: The Flying Scroll
 5:5-5:11    Seventh Vision: The Woman in a Basket

 6:1-6:8     Eight Vision: Four Chariots
 6:9-6:15    The Coronation of the Branch

 7:1-7:7     Hypocritical Fasting Condemned
 7:8-7:14    Punishment for Rejecting God's Demands

 8:1-8:17    God's Promise to Zion
 8:18-8:19   Joyful Fasting
 8:20-8:23   Many Peoples Drawn to Jerusalem

 9:1-9:8     Judgment on Israel's Enemies
 9:9-9:17    The Coming Ruler of God's People

10:1-11:3    Restoration of Judah and Israel

11:4-11:17   Two Kinds of Shepherds

12:1-12:9    Jerusalem's Victory
12:10-13:1   Mourning for the Pierced One

13:2-13:6    Idolatry Cut Off
13:7-13:9    The Shepherd Struck, the Flock Scattered

14:1-14:21   Future Warfare and Final Victory
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