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An outline of the Book of Malachi

An outline of the Book of Malachi

Hebrew Name -Malakiy "My Messenger" 

Greek Name - Malakoi (Greek form of the Hebrew)
Author - Malachi (According to Tradition)
Date - 400 BC Approximately
Theme - Final Message to Rebellious Israel
Types and Shadows - In Malachi Jesus will come 
to His Temple
  Malachi prophesied sometime near the end of the fifth century BC during the time with the Persian Empire ruled the 
The Temple in Jerusalem was rebuilt and many Jews had returned to the land of Israel but they had neglected the things of God. 
They were skimping on their sacrifices and failing to give their tithes, and the priests of God did nothing to 
encourage them. 
There were mixed marriages and divorce had become a common 
practice, and Malachi came to stir the people up. He told 
them not to neglect the things of God if they ever expect 
to prosper, and they need to repent right now in order for God to bless them. 
Malachi also speaks of the coming day of the Lord, but the prophet Elijah would come first, he will be a forerunner to the Messiah and then the Messiah would come. 
In the New Testament Elijah is identified as John the Baptist who was the forerunner for Jesus Christ (Matthew 3:1-12 and Matthew 11:14). 
The Book of Malachi closes the Old Testament and there was not another prophet in the land of Israel for nearly 400 
years until John the Baptist came preaching in the 
 1:1-1:5     Israel Preferred to Edom
 1:6-2:9     Corruption of the Priesthood

 2:10-2:17   The Covenant Profaned by Judah

 3:1-3:7     The Coming Messenger
 3:8-3:15    Do Not Rob God
 3:16-3:18   The Reward of the Faithful

 4:1-4:6     The Great Day of the Lord

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