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An outline of the Book of Isaiah

An outline of the Book of Isaiah


Hebrew Name - Yeshayahu "Yah is salvation"
Greek Name - Esaias (Greek form of the Hebrew)
Author - Isaiah (According to Tradition)
Date - 760 BC Approximately
Theme - The kingdom of the Messiah
Types and Shadows - In Isaiah Jesus is the suffering servant


Isaiah prophesied during one of the worst times in the history of Israel. The Israelites had become so corrupt God was going to remove them out of His sight. He raised up the Assyrian army to be an unmerciful, barbaric, ruthless, an unstoppable war machine. Their military tactics are still applauded today by those who understand the art of war. God called them from their distant land to come and destroy the Jews living in the north, and take them away from their homeland. Isaiah was living in Judah, in the city of Jerusalem during a time when King Uzziah had died. Isaiah prophesied during the reign of King Uzziah, King Jotham, King Ahaz, King Hezekiah, and probably King Manasseh of Judah. His prophetic ministry lasted from about 760 BC until about 720 BC. Isaiah chapter 6 records a powerful vision that Isaiah received of God the King on his throne, and the king called Isaiah to prophesy to His people. This was Isaiah's call to ministry as a prophet of God and it is interesting that it was at a time when king Uzziah had just died. King Uzziah was faithful servant of the Lord and people felt secure under his leadership, but when he died there was almost a panic. This is when the Lord showed Isaiah who was really on the throne. Isaiah was terrified at the sight of God's holiness (Isaiah 6) and when the Lord called him and asked him who will go with this message and Isaiah said "here am I, send me." Isaiah warned Jerusalem about her idolatry, and her foreign alliances, but they scorned him. They did not listen to his warnings and quickly destroy their instruments of idolatry. He prophesied about the Assyrians who would destroy the northern kingdom, they were also good to come to Jerusalem but God would deliver them. But he also told them that eventually the city will be destroyed and captured by the Babylonians, and that a Persian ruler named Cyrus would release the Jews from captivity. Isaiah prophesied more about the Messiah than any other book in the Old Testament. He also described in great detail the blessings of the future kingdom of the Messiah. His coming would be as a lion bringing the day of God's wrath, but he would also first come as a savior who would die for the sins of the people. This was Isaiah's message, the humility and beauty of the Savior.

 1:1-1:20    The Wickedness of Judah
 1:21-1:31   The Degenerate City

 2:1-2:4     The Future House of God
 2:5-4:1     Judgment pronounced on arrogance

 4:2-4:6     The Future Glory of the Survivors of Zion

 5:1-5:7     The Song of the Unfaithful Vineyard
 5:8-5:23    Social Injustice Denounced
 5:24-5:30   Foreign Invasion Predicted

 6:1-6:13    A Vision of God in the Temple

 7:1-7:9     Isaiah Reassures King Ahaz
 7:10-7:25   Isaiah Gives Ahaz the Sign of Immanuel

 8:1-8:15    Isaiah's Son a Sign of the Assyrian Invasion
 8:16-8:22   Disciples of Isaiah

 9:1-9:7     The Righteous Reign of the Coming King
 9:8-10:4    Judgment on Arrogance and Oppression

10:5-10:19   Arrogant Assyria Also Judged
10:20-10:34  The Repentant Remnant of Israel

11:1-11:9    The Peaceful Kingdom
11:10-11:16  Return of the Remnant of Israel and Judah

12:1-12:6    Thanksgiving and Praise

13:1-13:22   Proclamation against Babylon

14:1-14:2    Restoration of Judah
14:3-14:23   Downfall of the King of Babylon
14:24-14:27  An Oracle concerning Assyria
14:28-14:32  An Oracle concerning Philistia

15:1-16:14   An Oracle concerning Moab

17:1-17:14   An Oracle concerning Damascus

18:1-18:7    An Oracle concerning Ethiopia

19:1-19:17   An Oracle concerning Egypt
19:18-19:25  Egypt, Assyria, and Israel Blessed

20:1-20:6    Isaiah Dramatizes the Conquest of Egypt and Ethiopia

21:1-21:17   Oracles concerning Babylon, Edom, and Arabia

22:1-22:14   A Warning of Destruction of Jerusalem
22:15-22:25  Denunciation of Self-Seeking Officials

23:1-23:18   An Oracle concerning Tyre

24:1-24:23   Impending Judgment on the Earth

25:1-25:12   Praise for Deliverance from Oppression

26:1-26:21   Judah's Song of Victory

27:1-27:13   Israel's Redemption

28:1-28:29   Judgment on Corrupt Rulers, Priests, and Prophets

29:1-29:16   The Siege of Jerusalem
29:17-29:24  Hope for the Future

30:1-30:7    The Futility of Reliance on Egypt
30:8-30:17   A Rebellious People
30:18-30:26  God's Promise to Zion
30:27-30:33  Judgment on Assyria

31:1-31:9    Alliance with Egypt Is Futile

32:1-32:8    Government with Justice Predicted
32:9-32:15   Complacent Women Warned of Disaster
32:16-32:20  The Peace of God's Reign

33:1-33:16   A Prophecy of Deliverance From Foes
33:17-33:24  The Land of the Majestic King

34:1-34:17   Judgment on the Nations

35:1-35:10   The Return of the Redeemed to Zion

36:1-36:22   Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem

37:1-37:13   Hezekiah Consults Isaiah
37:14-37:35  Hezekiah's Prayer
37:36-37:38  Sennacherib's Defeat and Death

38:1-38:22   Hezekiah's Illness

39:1-39:8    Envoys from Babylon Welcomed

40:1-40:31   God's People Are Comforted

41:1-41:20   Israel Assured of God's Help
41:21-41:29  The Futility of Idols

42:1-42:9    The Servant, a Light to the Nations
42:10-42:25  A Hymn of Praise

43:1-43:28   Restoration and Protection Promised

44:1-44:8    God's Blessing on Israel
44:9-44:20   The Absurdity of Idol Worship
44:21-44:28  Israel Is Not Forgotten

45:1-45:19   Cyrus, God's Instrument
45:20-46:13  Idols Cannot Save Babylon

47:1-47:15   The Humiliation of Babylon

48:1-48:22   God the Creator and Redeemer

49:1-49:7    The Servant's Mission
49:8-50:3    Zion's Children to Be Brought Home

50:4-50:11   The Servant's Humiliation and Vindication

51:1-51:23   Blessings in Store for God's People

52:1-52:12   Let Zion Rejoice
52:13-53:12  The Suffering Servant

54:1-54:17   The Eternal Covenant of Peace

55:1-55:13   An Invitation to Abundant Life

56:1-56:8    The Covenant Extended to All Who Obey
56:9-56:12   The Corruption of Israel's Rulers

57:1-57:13   Israel's Futile Idolatry
57:14-57:21  A Promise of Help and Healing

58:1-58:14   False and True Worship

59:1-59:20   Injustice and Oppression to Be Punished

60:1-60:18   The Ingathering of the Dispersed
60:19-60:22  God the Glory of Zion

61:1-61:11   The Good News of Deliverance

62:1-62:12   The Vindication and Salvation of Zion

63:1-63:6    Vengeance on Edom
63:7-63:14   God's Mercy Remembered
63:15-64:12  A Prayer of Penitence

65:1-65:16   The Righteousness of God's Judgment
65:17-65:25  The Glorious New Creation

66:1-66:4    The Worship God Demands
66:5-66:13   The Lord Vindicates Zion
66:14-66:24  The Reign and Indignation of God

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