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An outline of the Book of Numbers

An outline of the Book of Numbers

Hebrew Name - Bemidhbar "in the wilderness"
Greek Name - Numbers "numberings"
Author - Moses
Date - From 1490-1451 BC Approximately
Theme - The Journey to the Promised Land
Types and Shadows - In Numbers Jesus is the Pillar of Cloud by Day and the Pillar of Fire by Night

 1:1-1:54    The First Census of Israel

 2:1-2:34    The Order of Encampment and Marching

 3:1-3:4     The Sons of Aaron
 3:5-3:13    The Duties of the Levites
 3:14-3:39   A Census of the Levites
 3:40-3:51   The Redemption of the Firstborn

 4:1-4:20    The Kohathites
 4:21-4:33   The Gershonites and Merarites
 4:34-4:49   Census of the Levites

 5:1-5:4     Unclean Persons
 5:5-5:10    Confession and Restitution
 5:11-5:31   Concerning an Unfaithful Wife

 6:1-6:21    The Nazirites
 6:22-6:27   The Priestly Benediction

 7:1-7:89    Offerings of the Leaders

 8:1-8:4     The Seven Lamps
 8:5-8:26    Consecration and Service of the Levites

 9:1-9:14    The Passover at Sinai
 9:15-9:23   The Cloud and the Fire

10:1-10:10   The Silver Trumpets
10:11-10:36  Departure from Sinai

11:1-11:15   Complaining in the Desert
11:16-11:30  The Seventy Elders
11:31-11:34  The Quails

12:1-12:16   Aaron and Miriam Jealous of Moses

13:1-13:33   Spies Sent into Canaan

14:1-14:12   The People Rebel
14:13-14:25  Moses Intercedes for the People
14:26-14:45  An Attempted Invasion is Repulsed

15:1-15:31   Various Offerings
15:32-15:36  Penalty for Violating the Sabbath
15:27-15:41  Fringes on Garments

16:1-16:50   Revolt of Korah, Dathan, and Abram

17:1-17:13   The Building of Aaron's Rod

18:1-18:7    Responsibility of Priests and Levitess
18:8-18:32   The Priests' Portion

19:1-19:22   Ceremony of the Red Heifer

20:1-20:13   The Waters of Meribah
20:14-20:21  Passage through Edom Refused
20:22-20:29  The Death of Aaron

21:1-21:9    The Bronze Serpent
21:10-21:20  The Journey to Moab
21:21-21:32  King Sihon Defeated
21:33-21:35  King Og Defeated

22:1-22:21   Balak Summons Balaam to Curse Israel
22:22-22:40  Balaam, the Donkey, and the Angel
22:41-23:12  Balaam's First Oracle

23:13-23:30  Balaam's Second Oracle

24:1-24:14   Balaam's Third Oracle
24:15-24:25  Balaam's Fourth Oracle

25:1-25:18   Worship of Baal of Peor

26:1-26:65   A Census of the New Generation

27:1-27:11   The Daughters of Zelophehad
27:12-27:23  Joshua Appointed Moses' Successor

28:1-28:8    Daily Offerings
28:9-28:10   Sabbath Offerings
28:11-28:15  Monthly Offerings
28:16-28:25  Offerings at Passover
28:26-28:31  Offerings at the Festival of Weeks

29:1-29:6    Offerings at the Festival of Trumpets
29:7-29:11   Offerings on the Day of Atonement
29:12-29:40  Offerings at the Festival of Booths

30:1-30:16   Vows Made by Women

31:1-31:12   War against Midiam
31:13-31:24  Return from the War
31:25-31:54  Disposition of Captives and Booty

32:1-32:42   Conquest and Division of Transjordan

33:1-33:56   The Stages of Israel's Journey from Egypt

34:1-34:15   The Boundaries of the Land
34:16-34:29  Tribal Leaders

35:1-35:8    Cities for the Levites
35:9-35:34   Cities of Refuge

36:1-36:13   Marriage of Female Heirs
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