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Difference Between Jesus Christ and AntiChrist

Jesus is the Son of God The Antichrist is the son of Satan
Jesus was single

The Antichrist does not desire women; he is expected to be single
Jesus was a Jew The Antichrist (it appears) will be a Jew
Jesus is Israel's protection The Antichrist will sign a covenant with Israel
Jesus had a ministry before He died The Antichrist shall have a ministry before he dies
Jesus had the power of His Father The Antichrist shall have the power of his father
Jesus' authority came from His Father The Antichrist shall have authority from his father
Jesus honors the Father The Antichrist honors his father
Jesus did great miracles The Antichrist will do lying signs and wonders
Jesus' followers also worship the Father The Antichrist's followers will also worship Satan
Jesus entered Jerusalem The Antichrist shall enter Jerusalem
Jesus was crucified The Antichrist is killed
The death of Jesus ended the sacrifices The Antichrist shall stop the sacrifices
Jesus rose from the dead The Antichrist shall come back to life
Jesus is God come in the flesh The Antichrist shall proclaim himself to be God
Those that follow Jesus worship Him Those that follow the Antichrist shall worship him
The Trinity: God the Father The trinity: Satan
                      God the Son, the Christ                     The Antichrist
                      God the Holy Spirit                     The false prophet
Jesus shall rule the world The Antichrist shall rule the world for 3½ years
Jesus shall reign from Jerusalem The Antichrist shall reign from Jerusalem
Jesus shall be in the temple The Antichrist shall be in the temple
Jesus is truth The Antichrist is deceit and lies
Jesus is love The Antichrist is the embodiment of hate
Jesus gives life The Antichrist gives death
The Holy Spirit guides you to truth The false prophet guides you to deceit
The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus The false prophet glorifies the Antichrist
The saints are sealed with the Holy Spirit The deceived are sealed with the mark



Rev 13:1
A beast
Rev 17:12
The beast; also Rev 13:3,4,14,15,17,18; 16:13; 17:7,8,12,13,16; Dan 7:11
Rev 17:11
The beast…is of the seven
Rev 17:11
The beast…is the eighth
Rev 17:8
The beast…shall ascend out of the bottomless pit
Rev 17:8
The beast that was and is not
Rev 17:8
The beast that yet is
Rev 13:12
The first beast
Dan 7:19
The fourth beast (a kingdom, also a king); also Dan 7:7,23

Another Christ

Rev 13:18
Jn 5:43
Another shall come in his own name
1 Jn 2:18
Antichrist shall come
Isa 30:31
The Assyrian; also Mic 5:6

Another King

Dan 8:23
A king of fierce countenance
Dan 7:24
Dan 11:36
The king
Dan 7:17
The (fourth) king
Rev 17:10
The other…king
Ezek 21:25
Profane wicked prince of Israel
Dan 9:26
The prince that shall come
Gen 3:15
Thy seed

The Horn

Dan 7:8
Little horn
Dan 7:20 T
hat horn
Dan 7:11
The horn
Dan 7:20
The other…horn
Dan 7:21
The same horn
Dan 7:8
This horn

Unclean spirit

Rev 16:14
Spirit of (a) devil
Rev 16:13
Unclean spirit
2 Thes 2:8
That wicked


Isa 28:15
Isa 28:17
Refuge of lies
Rev 13:18
A man
Dan 7:8
Eyes of a man
2 Thes 2:3
That man of sin (or lawlessness)
Isa 28:15


Isa 28:15
The bed
Isa 28:17
The covering
Rev 13:18
Death; also Isa 28:18
Dan 7:8
The desolate
2 Thes 2:3
Like a frog

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