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Christian Forums to enhance your faith

Open Christian Forums

  1. Christian Doctrine Debate & Discussions Forum: Join the discussion on topics as disparate as Glenn Beck to Christian music and videos.
  2. Christian Forum Site: This forum site focuses on entertainment, resources, learning and prayer and fellowship.
  3. Christian Forums: Topics range from congregational group topics to theology, edification and society. Some topics are for “Christians Only.” This site also has subforums that reach out to various sects, such as Catholicism.
  4. Christian Readers can find business, entertainment and Christian discussion topics at this forum.
  5. This forum focuses on Bible prophecy and Christian discussion.
  6. Christianity Board: Participate and share in focused Christian discussions on this forum and take advantage of their gallery, blogs and chat features.
  7. Crosswalk Forums: These forums are part of the Faith Community Network and offer topics such as “faith,” “life” and “theology.”
  8. Grace Centered Christian Forums: Sponsored by Grace Centered Magazine, topics include hobbies, announcements and Christian interests.
  9. Lampstand Christian Forum: This forum tackles topics such as Christian life, theology, fellowship and the world.
  10. Theology Online: TOL is a forum that embraces religion, politics and Christianity.
  11. Trinity Christian Forums: Enjoy Christian chat, bible study forums and prayer request forums as well as polls, photo galleries and other special features if you register.
  12. Worthy Christian Forums: This forum is divided into an Outer Court, Inner Court, Upper Room and more, all to define the variety of Christian topics under discussion.

TeensTeen and Young Adult

  1. Anointed Youth Forums: AY forums is a place for Christian teens and young adults to come build relationships, have fun, share problems and “dig into God’s word together.”
  2. Christian Teen Forums: This forum has a debate room as well as tabs for chats, an arcade and a gallery.
  3. Christian Teen Lounge: This is a site for teens that provides advice, prayer, forums, games and much more.
  4. Christian Teens: This forum deals with several different conversations and is moderated by a Christian Teen guide.
  5. Christian Youth Forum: This site is billed as a “serious Christian youth coming together to form the best Christian Youth Forum on the internet.”
  6. JCYouth: This appears to be a new forum for teens and Christian youth.
  7. ROYouth: This forum is intended for Romanian Christian youth, including places for photos, blogs, chats and games.
  8. TMC Youth: Several forums are listed here, all geared toward youth and spirituality.
  9. Youth on the Rock: This site was created by a group of students to share, encourage and learn their faith.

MarriageChristian Singles Forums

  1. About Christian Singles: This popular forum focuses on relationships, faith and society.
  2. Christian Cafe: Applicants get a 10-day free trial to try out this Christian singles forum, where singles can post a photo and seek companionship.
  3. Christian Connection Network: “Where Christians come to meet” to discuss topics that range from faith to relationships.
  4. Christian Singles Forums: Topics on this forum include dating and courtship, divorce and remarriage and online dating.
  5. eHarmony: This Christian Dating meeting place is endorsed by Focus on the Family for Christians to meet other Christians to form relationships.
  6. Meet Christians: This is a free meeting place where Christians can meet other Christians to form relationships.
  7. Purposeful Singleness: This forum is part of the Purposeful Singleness Web site, which supports individuals who may or may not feel called to “singleness.”
  8. Real Christian Singles: This is a free non-denominational service to help “single Christians find godly mates.”
  9. Single Christian Network: Meet other Christians on this site for serious releationships.

Christian MusicChristian Music Forums

  1. Christian Guitar Resources: This forum focuses on guitar, but also on all Christian music.
  2. Christian Music / Gospel Forum: Talk about your favorite lyrics or the ones that you just can’t find. Share your prayer requests and the Scriptures that you love.
  3. Christian Musician Forum: You would need to register and log in to see how active this forum is, as they keep all information private.
  4. Christian Songwriters’ Network: This active forum contains a wide range of topics for anyone who is writing Christian songs.
  5. Hardcore Christian Forum: This forum is for proponents of Christian hardcore music.
  6. Holy Hip Hop: This site contains forums, newsletters and communities that all share one thing in common — Holy Hip Hop.
  7. Jesus Freak Hideout: This site contains more than forums, as it is focused entirely on Christian music.

SalvationSpecific Belief Forums

  1. ALPB Forum Online: This forum is for Lutherans who want to discuss church assemblies and conventions.
  2. Apostolic Friends Forum: A forum for communion and communication among those of the Apostolic faith.
  3. Baptist Board: This forum is for Baptists, with topics that include Baptist debates (Baptist only), fellowship (Baptist only) and Christian debate (all Christians). This board also includes a forum for Fundamental Baptists.
  4. Beliefnet: This site contains forums for specific religions, including Christian, Catholic, Holistic and more.
  5. Catholic Answers Forums: These forums range across a wide swath of Catholic beliefs, from Eastern to Apologetic to traditional Catholicism.
  6. Christian Chat Forum: This Forum has a focus on “True Christians,” not Judeo-Christianity. “There Is Nothing Judeo About True Christians.”
  7. Eastern Orthodox Christian Forum: This forum is for Eastern Orthodox Christians to talk about topics such as evangelism, books, theology and doctrine and more.
  8. Episcopal Voices: Episcopal Voices is a public forum for, about and by Episcopalians.
  9. Landover Baptist Church: From Bible study to meeting singles to “Godly Republican Politics,” these forums are geared toward any Baptist who believes the same.
  10. Liberal Democrat Christian Forum: The Liberal Democrat Christian Forum is a support organization for Christians in the Liberal Democrats. Their aim is to encourage and enable Christians in their constructive work in politics.
  11. Redeemed Christian Forum: A forum for Redeemed Christians, recent topics include jokes, quotes, and a free recipe for a love potion.
  12. True2Ourselves: This forum is moderated by Kenneth Olsen who uses this forum to encourage candid conversation and bonding of clergy and followers for worldwide unity.
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