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Fr Christuraj and Fr cyril


Inspired by Saint Arnold Janssen, Rev. Fr. Christuraj young and aspiring heart cried for the perishing mankind and was determined to reach out to them. He fixed his eyes on Jesus his Master and with prayer and fasting, headed towards his goal, his vision. He dreamt of a redeemed world with Jesus as the Ruler and went ahead with courage and the Holy Spirit’s power!  He worked and visited various parishes and other places where he found the people everywhere in search of something. They have a tremendous thirst for the Word of God. They were in need of help to come out of their lives of ignorance, sin and pain

 “Yes Lord, I will go!” said Rev. Fr. Christuraj and took up the mission of healing, deliverance and reconciliation. He went around spreading the Good news of Jesus on a two-wheeler. Then the burning desire of his heart was 

1) people should experience and live in the power of God’s Word. 

2) People should be delivered from the bondage of sin, satan and death and come to receive the mercy and salvation of the Lord. “Give us souls Lord! Give us India!” was the cry of the heart of few more lay people who joined him mean while. 

3) Their goal was that the gifts and fruits of Holy Spirit should empower every human being on this earth. 


In the year 1994, Rev. Fr. Christuraj started his mission which God has given him in a piece of the Land situated in a remote village around 35 kms. away from Hyderabad, on the National Highway-9 which was an abandoned place. Filled with thorns and stones, with a small broken room in the corner, the one-acre plot was not bought by any one, as it was suppose to be a hide out for thieves. 

For the zealous Fr. Christuraj and the 3 young men who assisted him, this place was just enough to begin with their ‘dream come true’ mission. They knelt and prayed in the land and received the message of Ps. 118:22  - “the stone that was rejected will become the corner stone”. They went ahead! Not looking back, just believing in the promise of the Lord, they began their work of cleaning up that plot amidst thorns, snakes and scorpions added to the limited electricity and water facilities. With great love for the Lord and with the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary who was always with them, they began building the broken house. Everyday was a miracle. The Divine Providence of God began to flow in. The Lord was with them and helping hands increased day by day.

 AS a result of sacrifices and prayers, people around were getting aware of their presence in that place. Known people and friends began visiting the little Church initially named as St. Mary’s Church. On September 8th 1995 there was an informal inauguration with a mass celebrated with the people for the first time and Later named as Divine Word Centre on January 26th 1996.

The Living waters of Jesus was flowing richly in the little Centre where prayer and fasting with tears for the salvation of the world was the life of the small team. 

The first miracle took place when a lady called Jaisheeli was brought to the Centre for prayer as the last resort. She had a hole in her heart. Doctors had given up hope. Due to her old age, she had many complications. As the team prayed, there was a great light that came upon her, touched her and healed her. She instantly gained back her strength and began to praise God. The news of her healing spread as many knew of her condition.

The second miracle happened when a lady called Alamelu from the near by village was brought to the Centre. She suffered with regular attacks of fits since 14yrs. Nothing helped her. With prayer of Deliverance, she was healed.
The news spread and the sick, demon possessed, suffering and broken people began to flock in. There was no more place in the small chapel to accommodate the faithful. The members in the team also increased. In 1996 The then Arch Bishop of Hyderabad His Grace Late S. Arulappa came to the Centre and was filled with gratitude to God for the wonders He was working. He came forward to finance the building of a bigger prayer hall. He foresaw the great revival that would come into Andhra Pradesh through this Centre and prophetically called it “The Spiritual Power House of Andhra Pradesh.”


Rev. Fr. K. Sahaya Cyril Doss, a great visionary, coming from the land where St. John De Britto shed his blood joined in as a blessing. In his ministry of reconciliation and healing through the Calvary love of Jesus, thousands of families are being saved and many young hearts have found a meaning in life. The Lord inspired Fr. Cyril to build the youth called Divine Word Young Apostles and spread the Good news along with them. He also formed groups of faithful who help the Centre by different means and named them as Divine Word Family members, Divine Word Prayer Partners, Divine Word Ambassadors, Divine Word Volunteers and so on. The Lord has specially given him the anointing of leading the faithful into inner healing and repentance with the Calvary love of Jesus.  

With the help of several other dedicated servants of God, the God given mission has been getting fulfilled. The team has been having dedicated servants of God who worked with us while some have left us and some are still working with us. And now we have Fr. P. Joji, Fr. Jojappa and fews of lay members working with us to help the dream come true. 

On Jan. 26th 2006 night Fr. Christuraj spent a long time in the chapel before the eucharistic Lord Jesus , thanking the Lord for all that the Lord has done to Divine Word Centre, Muthangi for the last 10yrs. That night the Lord gave me a dream that shook me. When you live in the light of eternity, your values change – we are made for a mission.

The first dream: as shared by Rev.Fr.Christuraj
There is a lake, and its fishes are dying as the water is getting dried. As I was watching at the pathetic situation, a person wearing a white garment stands along with me and says, “Don’t look down – in life, you need to learn to look up.” When I looked up, I saw a stream of water coming from the mountain and fell in to the lake and soon all the dying fishes were revived with the new life. The fishes were jumping and celebrating. The man next to me said, “Do not worry about others whether they do something or not? But “will you do something for me?” the voice in the dream disturbed me. I began to ask the Lord, “Lord, myself, Fr. Cyril, Fr. Joji and many dedicated servants of God are working for you day and night, still what you want us to do for you?

The second dream: as shared by Rev.Fr.Christuraj
A few days later the Lord gave another dream to me. A small church was burning and there was no one in the church, and I too was rushing away from the church. A hand came from behind and pulled me in to the fire and the voice said, “Others may go, but you cannot go”. I was woken up by the sound of a message, my phone was receiving. The phone message was, “I give you new life to set up the house of our God and to repair its ruin”. (Ezra 9:9b).
Sharing the dreams
We shared the call of God with three Bishops and other eminent persons of the church of Andhra Pradesh, India, who not only guided us with their rich experiences but also gave their letters of their support. They said, the church of Andhra Pradesh is desperately in need of men and women who can bring God’s word. They put their opinions of us and their inspiration about the call of God to start a congregation in a letter form and sent it to Rev. Fr. Superior General of the Society of the Divine Word for his consideration. 


We reach the so-called unreachable places as we went to various districts and corners of different villages all over the state. Though there were discouraging and unwelcomed instances, we did not stop giving the Word of Life. Jesus has to be given to all. This happened as we went not only to villages and towns but city parishes, other states like Maharastra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and other countries – Philippines, USA, Sri Lanka, Singapore. We were given the opportunity to reach out to special sections of people such as the Aged, the priests, religious, married couples, teachers, youth, children, hospital staff, catechists, unemployed, widows, orphans, etc. We preach retreats not only in English and Telugu (our local language) but also in Tamil. We also organize conventions and participate in huge religious conventions every year not only in the Hyderabad city but also other states and countries.   

The vision.

‘May the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all’

Founder & Director,Society of Holy Spirit,Hyderabad.
Ph: 9177523888, 9177623888, 0841-3235003

Sangamam Catholic TV Channel:-

Programs of Holy Spirit Centre
  • Every Sunday Holy Mass, Praise & Worship and Healing Service  are conducted from 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Every Saturday Fasting and Healing Prayer from 9:00am on wards
  • Healings and Deliverence prayer on every New Moon and Full Moon Days
Out Reach Programs Every Month on
1st Saturday From 9:am onwards at Our Lady of Health Church, Kaitharabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Every Saturday from 6pm onwards at St Anns College, Mehidipatnam, Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh, India.

Programs of Kristu Jyothi Ashram
  • Every first sunday bible class are held from 9am - 4pm
  • Feast Day Oct 2nd from 9am - 4pm
Address:   Kristu Jyothi Ashram, Karunapuram, Pedda Pendyal, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India.     Ph:(91)9177523888,9177623888

Programs of Jeevadhara Divine Centre
  • Every Friday fasting prayer from 9am - 4pm
  • Family day Jan 26th from 9am - 4pm
  • Childreen Special Prayer Feb 6th from 9am - 4pm
  • Prayer Partners conference Aug 15th from 9am - 4pm
Address:   Jeevadhara Divine Centre C/o Kristu Jyothi Ashram, Karunapuram, Pedda Pendyal, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India.             Ph:(91)9177523888,9177623888

English Retreat 2014:-
English retreats are conducted at Holyspirit Center,Hyderabad India  in 2nd week of every month  from Wenesday to Saturday
Rashana Deepam  Himayatnagar(v)
  Ranga Reddy(dist)
 Andhra Pradesh,
  Ph:(91)9177523888, 9177623888.

Telugu Retreat 2014:-

Telugu retreats are conducted at Jeevadhara Divine Centre, Warangal,A.P, India in 4th week of every month from monday to Saturday

 Jeevadhara Divine Centre
C/o Kristu Jyothi Ashram,
  Pedda Pendyal,
  Andhra Pradesh,

Divine Healing convention

Dec 13-16 , 2015

Divine Healing convention at St Mary's college, Secunderabad from 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Family Day

Jan 25 , 2015

All the family members are invited for the family day celebration at Holy Spirit Center, Moinabad, Hyderabad

Family Day

Jan 26 , 2015

All the family members are invited for the family day celebration at Jeevadhara Divine Center, Rampur,Warangal, Telangana

Telugu Retreat

Jan 26-30 , 2015

Telugu retreat at Holy Spirit Center, Moinabad, Hyderabad.

English Retreat

Feb 12-15 , 2015

English retreat at Jeevadhara Divine Center, Rampur,Warangal, Telangana

Students Special Prayer

Feb 20 , 2015

Special Holy Mass and Anointing prayer for students at Holy Spirit Center, Moinabad, Hyderabad.

Students Special Prayer

Feb 20 , 2015

Special Holy Mass and Anointing prayer for students at Jeevadhara Divine Center, Rampur,Warangal, Telangana

SHS Mission:-

1. Preaching & Healing Ministry

2. Deliverance and reconciliation Ministry

3. Counseling Ministry

4. Intercessory Ministry

5. Telephone & Letter Ministry

6. Divine Life Family

7. Divine Word Young Apostles

8. Music and Media Ministry

9. Out reach programs

10. Service Ministry

11. Communication ministry

1. Preaching and Healing Ministry:

The ministry involves a team of priests, religious and laity who include worship leaders, preachers and intercessors who organize and conduct retreats, conventions and special programs in and outside the Centre.

The holy oil: The holy oil that is blessed and is made available for all that the stall has been a source of healing for hundreds of faithful who are healed from every pain and physical disorder.

2. Deliverance and Reconciliation Ministry:

Many demon possessed, mentally and physically sick people are brought to the Centre everyday. A team of Spirit filled priests and laity pray for deliverance and healing. Those who come never go back disappointed. They are delivered and blessed not only during retreats but almost everyday be is Sunday or weekdays.

3. Counseling Ministry: With the increasing number of broken families, abortions, violence, black magic and other atrocious activities, many come looking for a solution for their problems and a way out of their sinful ways. For such needy, the Centre has experienced and Spirit filled lay people and priests who Counsel, guide and help them come out of their addictions and wrong ways and help them to get on the right track of Jesus. During every retreat there is a special time set apart for people to avail this opportunity of getting counseled and make clear their purpose of living.

4. Intercessory Ministry: The Centre came to a realization that if the work of the Lord has to continue a lot of prayer, fasting and pleading is necessary. Hence we need the help of the laity who will pray for us. People who come to the Centre on a day convenient to them once a month and pray for the Centre and the World. Thanks be to God! Their prayers have worked mighty miracles and the Power filled group of people come together once in 2 months on a Sunday where with a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit so many pray for the Centre and the World. What can satan ever do to us for his kingdom is already destroyed!

5. Telephone, Letter and Email Ministry:

  • Phone No. 91-9177523888, 9177625888 is always available for those in need of prayer help. A team of intercessors is available round the clock at the service of the people in need.
  •  The letters with prayer requests are read and prayed over by the intercessory group in the Chapel that has the Blessed Sacrament exposed throughout the day. The letters are replied to with appropriate message from the Lord for every individual.
  • is the mail id where prayer requests are sent from all over India and abroad. The requests are prayed over every day by the intercessors and replied duly. 

6. Divine Life Family: We have the greatest support given by the Almighty from the Lay people. They work with us and in the process become members of our family. Such persons who contribute towards our mission by temporal or financial means in the form of donation, 1/10th or through offering a time of prayer for the Centre or any other way become our Divine Life Family Members. We keep them informed of the happenings of the Centre and also have an office for them where they register themselves and become the Partakers In Our Mission. Our monthly magazine ‘Divine Word’ is sent to them freely every month as our little gift for all they do for us. Our families who experience the love of God also want to share it with others. Therefore a special training program is arranged for them every year where they are given training to go out to give the good news with the help of the printed materials from the Centre. They also act as our Ambassadorsby organizing retreats and conventions in their own places.

7. Communication ministry: Society of the Holy Spirit is proud to say that it is only Catholic institution, which is privileged to proclaim the Word through Television in Telugu,and Tamil. Having the most number of viewers, the ‘Divine Word’ relayed on Aaradhana Tv ,and Tamilan Channel, is declared as the best and most viewed program. People watch and witness the great wonders the Lord does as they hear and accept the Word of God in the homes on every Sunday from 6:30a.m. to 7:00a.m on Aradana T.V in Telugu, and on every Thursday from 8:00 a.m to 8:30 a.m on Tamilan Channel in Tamil. The Word of God is also proclaimed through R.S.V. Radio channel from Manila. Programs in Telugu also is telecasted.

8. Music and Media Ministry:

Music ministry: Music affects everyone and can touch every heart. Worship becomes perfect with music. The main aim is to help the faithful who have received and experienced Jesus to remain in His love and grow more strongly in the love and faith of Christ. In effort to do this,

  • The Centre has spirit filled musicians and few singers who play a vital role in the ministry where people experience the Lord through Music. 
  • The Centre has released various audio cds in telugu with titles as SANGAMAM in 21 volumes, ATHMA SPANDANA in 3 volumes and PREMA KALVARY PREMA worship songs of the Holy Spirit . These songs, with the Word of God help in sustenance of the Soul.
  • The same are translated into Tamil as various volumes as “ARUL MOZHI”
  • Prayers of the Divine Mercy in the Song form in Telugu for the simple people of the villages has helped them pray in a better way and come closer to God.
  • The Centre has also released cassettes in English- ‘We Stand for God’, ‘Victorious people’, ‘Pour out your Spirit’, ‘Come Holy Spirit’, ‘Little sheep I am’, 'Come Praise the Lord', etc... 
  • We also have the Word of God available in the form of CDs and DVDs apart from songs.
  • Media ministry: media through books, Internet has played a major part in propagation of the Word of God.
Divine Word Magazine: Obedient to the promptings and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and by the intercession of the Blessed Lady, the Centre worked towards extension of the preaching ministry through books filled only with the Word of God to lead the faithful on the path of Righteousness. Hence a monthly magazine called “Vachana Deepika” now called the “Divine Word” got into production since 1998 in English and Telugu that reaches people all over the world. This monthly magazine has worked miracles because it carries the Powerful Word of God.

 Divya Vakku Anudina Aaharam: The people of A.P. have a great hunger and thirst for the Word of God. But they are deprived of the numerous books and Word of God that are available in English. Hence the Centre was inspired to give the daily reflections of the Liturgy of the Holy mass in order to make their day more meaning full and to encourage them in their daily way of life. This monthly magazine available only in Telugu with daily liturgy reflections reaches more than 3000 homes every month.

For details about the subscription etc, the faithful mail us at

9. The Divine Word Young Apostles: Previously called the Divine Word Soldiers this is a group of young men and women with a great desire and dream to make a world of difference. It was started in 1998 when a number of young people getting attracted towards Jesus and were convicted to do something for His Kingdom. The Centre realized that the youth could be very effective in their ministry. And also they needed a constant boosting and spiritual input to keep them sustained in their lives amidst so many temptations and fancies of the world. The group began with 10 young girls and boys who committed their lives to Jesus and the works of the Centre. Now under the direction of Rev. Fr. Cyril Doss the group was renamed as Divine Word Young Apostles. From 10 the number has increased to 60 youth who assist in organizing programs, giving Jesus to the prisoners, sick, old, children, youth, other retreats in the Centre. They preach word of God through skits, dramas, songs, praise and worship etc. They are involved in all the works of the Centre in the little ways possible. Amidst their studies, work, family responsibilities, they generously give time for Jesus and the Centre in turn trains the groups in personality development, Spiritual activities, leadership training, etc.

10. Outreach Ministry: Jesus has taken the teams to preach to groups all over A.P. and other cities and towns such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Goa, Mangalore, Wardha (Maharastra), Madurai, Tirupur and many other places. The Lord has blessed the Centre to go out with the Good News into remote villages and towns of AP and Telegana.

God in his mercy has taken the team to carry the Word to the people of USA, Srilanka, Singapore. Many have experienced the healing touch of the Lord that they call him again to the trouble torn country. Now the people of many countries also have invited the team to share God’s Word .

11. Service Ministry: To give Spiritual food for the needy is our Dream but to help them with temporal needs is the desire and the mission complete of the Society of the Holy Spirit.

The Aids and HIV effected people who are rejected by the society and who are in death bed are been given food, shelter, and provided with proper medicine free of cost. About 70 people are taken care. We have eminent doctors, nurses, paramedics and volunteers who generously give their time, free medicines and consultation freely for the effected people and sepecial Doctors from the city visit them regularly and assist the care take.

Our future missions in progress: a Home for the Aged, a rehabilitation Centre for the Drug and Alcohol addicts and a Indeed, the rejected Stone has become the corners stone and from it comes forth the fountain of life to the thousands and millions. “Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!” (Phil. 2:10) Amen.


The Warangal District was going through a phase of drought for the Word of God in the Catholic Church. The thirst among the people in the Church was tremendous and to cater to this urgent need, the Doicese of Warangal found the Society of the Holy Spirit to be the right source. They sought the help of the Centre for renewal and revival in the Church. The Director – Rev. Fr. Christuraj took it as a great mission and privilege when the Bishop himself invited him and gave him a retreat and prayer Centre already existing to take charge and begin renewal programs for the benefit of the faithful. Though it is more than 10 km. from the waragal city, people come here to experience the mighty presence of teh Lord. There is also fasting and prayer organized on every first Friday where thousands selflessly fast and pray for their own needs and needs of the world at large. Rev. Fr. Joji took the pain to go around the dioceses to lead the faithful to the Centre to learn the truth of the Gospel. Daily intercessory prayers, praying over the telephone, letter ministry, counseling and many other ministries are a part of the mission at Kristu Jyothi Ashram.


Keep the joy of loving the poor and share the joy with all you meet, remember works of love are works of peace. Mother Teresa who spoke the word of love is the Holy Patron of Rakshana Deepam.
Rakshana Deepam is a home for people and children who are infected with HIV and AIDS and who have no one to care for. It is a unit of Divine Life Society which is committed to bring Gods life and salvation to humanity. See and Serve God in human face is the motto of Divine Life Society-Rakshana Deepam. It is situated in a peaceful atmosphere between two lakes namely Himayatsagar and Gandipet 25kms away from City of Hyderabad. There are 42 children and 28 inmates who are infected with HIV and AIDS stay here. Everyday patients come from near by Government and private hospitals as Rakshana Deepam is the only Government recognized care and support centre for HIV and AIDS inHyderabad.

HIV and AIDS Pain Kills but Love Heals and Saves

HIV and AIDS pain kills but love heals and saves this is the story of Rakshana Deepam. Children were thrown at the doors of the gate of Rakshana Deepam but they begin to grow as loving children of the institute. They go to school regularly and some of them have proved to be much intelligent and hardworking than regular students that come to school. The loving care that they receive at centre makes them cheerful, healthy and God oriented.

Spiritual Food

Life of prayer and meditation is a part of the daily routine where by there are helped to experience Gods love, forgiveness and acceptance. The inmates and children are also given opportunities to the outside world. They do watch regularly not only program of entertainment through Television but also the News and so on…
 The Children are taught various arts of singing, dancing, working, painting and many of them proved to be highly talented and creative.

The Staff with Mission

Rev.Fr.Christuraj is the Director of institution, Rev.Sr.Claret and Rev.Sr.Salomi along with 2 Doctors, 4 Nurses, 3 Counselors and 8 helpers, the center becomes a mightily home for the sick and broken hearted. People who come over here say repeatedly that the children are cheerful and healthy because they receive plenty of warmth, love and opportunities to grow and resources to live happily. Rakshana Deepam is a Happy Home.

Given an Opportunity, Once Create Power Blossoms

The inmates of Rakshana Deepam who are infected with HIV and AIDS are also trained to pick up and do many trades like making soaps, vim powder, baskets, designing the clothes, embroidery, tailoring, making incenses sticks and so on…
Thought they are infected with sickness they capability to be creative and productive to human society is encouraged, appreciated and developed. They also earn little income to they family members who are at home, which most of them send to their homes.
To their great surprise many discovered they own hidden talents and they thank Lord for opportunity they receive to discover they own capability and creative power.

Hearts United to Live as Family

As many young men and women who are infected with HIV and AIDS have made Rakshana Deepam as they home. Rakshana Deepam also encourages people to get married among themselves if they wish to be and help them who share human relationship and love.

You to can be part of Rakshana Deepam.

Every human person and family who is interested in growth of humanity is welcome to be part of Rakshana Deepam. They can regularly come and visit children and inmates, they can know the needs of them and provide them materially and other support. They are people who are warden to sponsor a child and there are people who provide them the Breakfast, Lunch and Supper and they stay with the child, play and some of them even feed them and share the joy of belonging to same human family.
Anyone who is instructed in the growth of Rakshana Deepam is welcomed to speak to us through telephone or write to us by email.
Be part of Rakshana Deepam and share the joy of humanity.

Postal Address of Rakshana Deepam
  Rakshana Deepam
  RR dist, Hyderabad-50075
  Andhra Pradesh, India..
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November 4, 2013 at 11:40 PM

Is the member of society of the holy spirit congregation will become priest ?

October 22, 2014 at 4:57 PM
September 11, 2015 at 8:38 PM

తెలుగులో “వాసా శేఖర్ రెడ్డి” గారు వ్రాసిన క్రైస్తవ సాహిత్యాన్ని మీరు ఉచితముగా చదువుకోడానికి

• ఏడు సంఖ్యలోని సర్వ సంపూర్ణత
• వాసా శేఖర్‌ రెడ్డి గారి ప్రకటన గ్రంథ రహస్యములు
• దేవుని దూతలు - వారి పరిచర్యలు
• మరణము తరువాత
• శేఖర్ రెడ్డి వాసా (ఆటోబయోగ్రఫీ)
• ఏలీయా
• పరమగీతము
• సాటి సహాయిని (దైవసన్నిధిలో స్త్రీకి ఉన్న ప్రాధాన్య...
• యెషయా ప్రవచన రహస్యములు
• నా ప్రభువు తల్లి (కెథొలిక బైబిల్)

ఇంకా మరెన్నో పుస్తకములను చదువుకోవచ్చు.

To challenge atheism: Visit

July 15, 2016 at 12:41 PM

God blessed upon me & miracle of God as I was suffering from appendix pain some one told to pray at the God at muthangi,I did from that moment the pain stopped

July 15, 2016 at 12:47 PM

Today I'm jobless for my boss deeds Pl. pray to the God for me for my well being.

December 20, 2019 at 3:09 PM

Please pray for my father , he is suffering from respiratory problem and lung infection. May he get the strength to recover fast and blessings from God the almighty. Amen.

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